Fix Chipped Piano Keys in Michigan

Key-Top-Repair-MichiganPiano key tops, whether real ivory or plastic will from time to time meet up with an enthusiastic young carpenter and the famous toy hammer.  Of coarse, many other possible scenarios to numerous to list can be the cause of chipped piano key tops.

What ever the cause I can fix chipped piano keys.  Ace Piano Inc. is located in Oakland County, Michigan.  Our specialty is all things piano.  Piano tuning and piano repair is what we do, and have done for more than thirty years.  One approach to the chipped key issue is to change all the key tops.  This approach will restore the keyboard of your piano to like new condition.

A second option is;  fill the chips with plastic filler.  Color can be custom mixed to match original color as close as possible.  Take a look at my video that shows the repair process.

Watch our Video on: Fixing Chipped Piano Keys in Michigan:

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