Why won’t my piano stay in tune in Michigan?

Have you ever said, “My piano tuner was here two weeks ago…my piano was tuned, but it sounds terrible!?” First, I would like to tell you, that you are not alone. Many other piano owners have experienced the unstable piano tuning syndrome. Let’s eliminate the obvious. The piano tuner should be able to tune your piano using the proper technique to set each tuning pin, as well as equalize the tension of the strings so they do not go out of tune the first time the piano is played. An experienced, and highly skilled tuner is worth their weight in gold.

Now lets consider the most common cause of the unstable piano tuning syndrome. I service pianos in Oakland County Michigan, which has dramatic weather changes, accompanied with humidity level changes that are quite extreme. It is common to have humidity levels as high as eighty percent on a hot humid day in August, followed with humidity as low as ten percent in January. This change in humidity level will cause the soundboard of your piano to expand and contract, causing the strings of the piano to move and settle. This can happen seasonally, or as often as the weather changes, even as quickly as a few days.

humidty-systemA simple, and cost effective way to bring your piano tuning under control is the Dampp-Chaser system. The system is installed inside an upright piano, or it is installed on the underside of a grand piano. Humidity levels at the piano are kept at a constant level for year around protection. Please take a moment to read what piano manufacturers have to say about the Dampp-Chaser system.

Steinway& Sons:

“The installation of a Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control System can, in our opinion, provide a degree of climate control for the piano which may not otherwise be attainable.”


“The usage of Dampp-Chaser humidity control systems effectively compensates climatic changes within the piano’s environment and is for that reason beneficial in terms of stability and long term reliability.”


“The best way to preserve the value of fine grands and uprights is to automatically regulate the humidity right within the instrument .. with a System from Dampp-Chaser Corporation.” – Nikolaus Schimmel


“…Yamaha fully endorses the use of the system with Yamaha pianos in areas that are subject to extremes in humidity. Without such a system, it is very difficult to control the humidity around the piano.”


“Your Dampp-Chaser humidity control systems are the best and most carefully designed systems we have seen.”

Pearl River Piano

“Pearl River Piano Group USA believes that a properly installed and maintained Dampp-Chaser system can enhance the performance and longevity of our pianos.”


“The Dampp-Chaser Climate Control System helps retain both the regulation and pitch of top quality instruments, thus stabilizing the tonal character inherent in a particular make or instrument as well as its long-term value.” – Ursula Seiler


“Baldwin recommends the Dampp-Chaser system as a valuable means to help insure the longevity and stability of our pianos.

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